So this year has been filled pretty much to the brim with illustration work, so, until the book I’ve been illustrating for gets released, I don’t have a lot to show in terms of what I’ve been drawing.

However, I have been fairly consistantly uploading quick warm up material on twitter during the past year, which has felt like a decent way of showing that I am in fact still alive, and also drawing.

So I kind of wanted to make this post for people who aren’t on twitter, so that they too can be made aware that I am still alive, and drawing.


2012 in Warmup Drawings

With Short Text Recaps, of What Happened During the Month


So, January… I honestly don’t remember all that much from January, except keeping on working. Hopefully I’m not forgetting something super important here.


I got to fly to Finland for work, which was pretty exciting. Also, this girl Stef Gaines happened by our studio, she seemed nice. (if you keep reading this will be important later on.)


By this time I’d been getting deep into listening to audiobooks while working, mostly sci-fi or pop-science. Something I’ve kept doing off and on since it kind of works as a creativity boost sometimes. (And also gives you something to focus on while laying flats etc.)


As a rare exception to the rule, I wasn’t all that nervous about this years SPX in Stockholm. I didn’t have anything to sell, but that also meant less responsibilities. I got to meet a bunch of friends I hadn’t seen for more than a year in some cases, which was great. Also met this Stef girl again, we ended up talking a lot, and by the end kissed. All in all probably my best SPX ever.


Don’t particularly remember all that much from May, guess I kept on working pretty much.


Stef came to visit, we became a couple. Kind of overshadows most other things that happened in June for me.


Higgs boson was discovered, and I had just read up on the standard model enough to have at least a basic grasp on why that was so cool. So I was pretty exited about that whole thing. Also went to the US to attend my brother’s wedding party. The flight back was pretty excruciating, but at least I got to spend a whole day in Newark (holed up in the airport).


August was spent mostly working to make up for lost time during the US trip.


Biggest thing that happened in September was probably Gothenburgs International Book Fair. Which I attended for the first time as a professional, met some new and old people and had an over all great time.


Wanted to attend the 24hr Comic race this year too but felt like I didn’t have the time, so I opted for a 4hr Comic instead, which still failed miserably, since I still havn’t finished the damn thing.


Went back to visit my Sequential Art school, in Gävle, with a bunch of friends, was awesome seeing so many people back together.


December has been spent mostly working, I guess?


And that’s it for this year, I hope at least SOMEONE will read this thing all the way through so all that typing wasn’t in vain.

Hope you had an equally good year and let’s make 2012 even better!