So yesterday was the international 24 hour comic day. And despite my reservations on going 24 hours without sleep (getting too old for it) I decided that I would participate.

So, since I was in Stockholm for it, I joined up with the group that would be doing it at the comics library (aka serieteket, awesome library by the way) which turned out to be an impressive bunch of 17.

Had a great time drawing with everyone, and it was pretty cool that we got to speak over skype with a few other groups doing it, both in Sweden and worldwide. Oh, and that Nat Gertler (one of the founders of the original event) called us up to see how we were doing.

What didn’t turn out too great was my production pace, which haltered off fairly quickly. So I barely managed to finish half my pages before I was supposed to be finished. I’m still reasonably proud of the pages that I DID manage to scribble out and I had fun making them.

And below is the result.

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