Okay. It’s been like five-six months since I last posted here. Which might make it seem as if moving back to “the west coast” has made me almost impressively lazy. While this in relation to my blog obviously is more than a little true I dare say it doesn’t apply on me as a whole. So if I haven’t been getting my laze on what have I been doing you might (but probably didn’t) ask yourself. Quite a lot in short.

Some dude's skull

Like drawing stuff and then not finishing it.

In long; Well, first off, I’ve moved along with my younger brother from my parents into an apartment in Mölndal, 15 minutes by bus away from Gothenburg. After doing so I stumbled upon a job, a regular job as a mailman which I held for a couple months. During this time my production pace dropped to the bottom because as it turns out cycling around bringing people mail can take it’s toll on you. During this I was contacted by a Finnish publishing company asking me to do a couple sample illustrations for a project they had started.

Mafia dude.

These guys aren't related to that.

Mafia dude two

This apparently went quite well as they decided to hire me for the project. So, I quit the mailman job and now apparently I’m a working professional illustrator. Huh.

Hopefully I’ll be updating more often now, with the personal stuff I make on the side.